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Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your witchcraft practice? Do you find yourself stuck in the reading and planning phases of your practice but never get around to actually doing the magic in the form of rituals, spells or activities? Or are you looking to connect more mindfully with seasonal energies and give your spiritual routine a boost? Then these online workshops might be just the thing to bring more magic into your reality.

Each of the workshops consists of seasonally tailored email prompts, that you receive on a daily basis for the duration of the course. You can expect ritual ideas that don’t need a list of ingredients and are accessible to anyone regardless of experience level, delicious kitchen witch recipes (always with a vegan alternative!), folk witchcraft, history, stories, traditions and lore about the season or seasonal holiday, journal prompts, beautiful DIY projects for cottage witches, fun ideas for green witchery and plant spirit practitioners, magical seasonal activities (that are easily adaptable to any climate zone), guided visualizations and meditations for relaxation or manifestation, and lots of colorful PDFs with gathered witchy knowledge to print out and reuse over and over again.

Unlike my group workshops, these do not include any Zoom meetups or group work and are purely done solitary from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. The daily emails start with the date of purchase.

online group workshops

You cannot make it to an in-person retreat but still would like to deepen your witchcraft practice, connect with a group of magical, like-minded friends and go through a truly transformative experience that will change your approach to magick and support you in the most enchanting way through your everyday life?

Then these online-retreats & workshops are ideal for you! They are designed to aid and educate you in specific topics, teach you in a holistic way about different witchcraft practices, and support you through community. The intimate size of the online groups allows true connection to form between the participants while still providing enough minds for thought-provoking chats and group reflection. The exclusive group chat also allows for daily exchange, motivation, help and guidance through other group members.

The topics of the courses are varied and structured to suit the beginner witch and the seasoned practitioner alike. Gain in-depth knowledge through extensive PDF booklets and online classes. Be guided by daily exercises, audios and videos to discover how to apply your new knowledge in your own practice. Make your mundane magical with daily prompts, guided meditations and witchy inspiration that help you develop a spiritual routine that is suitable to your needs and wants.

Each course consists of a number of Zoom meetups, held during a Saturday / Sunday, where we learn about one certain topic, do exercises or ritual together. The rest of the week, you receive daily material to work with by yourself. You can adjust this completely to your own schedule, availability and chose how much time you want to invest. Might it be 5 minutes or 2 hours – whatever fills your chalice that day!

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