Here you find a selection of guided meditations and guided visualizations for your enjoyment. Meditation is often considered a key component of a spiritual / witchcraft practice.

Do you feel like diving into a magical fantasy, brewing up herbal tinctures in your witch’s cottage, or taking a walk through the forest, reawakening spring with the touch of your hand? Are you looking for ways to feel more in tune with nature (even if you are trapped in a tiny city apartment)? Just open your mind’s eye and dive into colorful visualizations where you perform rituals in stunning sacred sites, dark forests, at the shore of a lake glistening in the silver light of the moon…

Some of these meditations are themed seasonally and can serve as a spell-spiration for the holidays on the wheel of the year or to connect to the prevalent energies and meanings thereof. Other visualizations focus on moon phases and their energetical correspondences. Bring more mindfulness and gentle ritual into your lunar celebration with them.

With these meditations, you support my YouTube channel, work, and ability to recharge creatively to put out more content for your education and enjoyment. Thank you so much for your support!

When purchasing any of the meditations, you get a download link for the MP3 file, that you can keep forever and listen to at any time from all your devices.

Some of these meditations are also included in a Patreon subscription for Groups 2 and 3 or as part of one of the online workshops. You will always find this information in the description of the product – so you don’t purchase something double.

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