Are you a solitary witchcraft practitioner, but long for the merry company of other witches when the big festivities on the wheel of year roll around? Or would you like to learn more about yourself and the craft in an intimate, judgment-free environment amongst like-minded individuals? Have you always dreamed of spending a witchy celebration with kindred spirits, enjoying a festive kitchen witch banquet, doing ritual, crafting enchanted flower crowns, reading oracle cards or dancing around a big bonfire?

Then this is your chance! Come and experience a truly transformational time at a witchcraft retreat in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps – close to Munich in an absolutely hobbit-worthy rural setting. The workshops are themed by seasonal topics and custom-tailored towards the interests and needs of the participants.

They are open to absolute beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Everyone, with an open mind and kind heart, regardless of ethnicity, gender, personal beliefs, age, etc. is welcome! 

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