Refund and Returns Policy




We have extra flexible terms and have a COVID no-penalty last-minute cancellation policy.

• If your country’s border or Germany’s border doesn’t open in time for your booked retreat, you are welcome to reschedule it at no penalty.

• If German / Bavarian laws prohibit the retreat from happening due to Covid regulations, you will be fully refunded.

• If you are unable to fly at the last minute due to a verifiable issue, such as receiving a positive PCR test or the airline cancelling your flight due to Covid, you will also be able to reschedule your retreat at no penalty.

Please just note that your retreat package purchase is non-refundable, but your credit is valid for 2 years and can be applied to any The witches’ cookery retreat for 2 years into the future.

• The package is also transferable if you would like to sell your package at the value purchased to someone you know or change the name the package it is under.


After you have payed the deposit for your desired room category, a confirmation e-mail will be send out to you. The full payment is due latest by 2 weeks hereafter.



It is your responsibility to read and understand the cancellation policy before making a reservation.

Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation! Please be sure that your insurance policy covers you for all relevant activities you will be engaging upon on your retreat & TRIP CANCELLATION. Depending on the policy and conditions, travel cancellation insurance will pay for some or all cancellation fees.



Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy described here will apply, with no exceptions. If unforeseen circumstances outside the cancellation period occur (ex. injury, illness, work issues, family emergency etc.), you’re welcome to find someone else to take your spot. If we have people on the waitlist, we’ll do our best to replace you and refund your money, but cannot promise this.

Depending on when you cancel, cancellation penalties may apply.

Fees are determined by the following schedule:

• Deposits are non-refundable, except for the following cases: You or we find someone to take your spot OR The witches’ cookery cancels the retreat.

• If you cancel more than 80 days before your retreat start date, 100% of your payment (including deposit) may be applied to another Retreat. If you choose to cancel and not rebook, your deposit is non-refundable, unless we find a replacement for you. The rest of your payment is fully refundable.

• If you cancel 15 – 79 days before your retreat start date, 40% of your total payment may be applied to another Retreat or be refunded. You will forfeit 60% of the price of your retreat. If you or we find a replacement for you, you will of course receive full reimbursement.

• If you cancel 14 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your entire payment. Exceptions to this are cancellations due to events described in the Covid cancellation policies. In case you or we find a replacement for you, you will of course receive your full payment back.

You must submit your signed Participant Agreement form within one week of booking or 90 days prior to retreat start date, whichever comes first. Guests who fail to do so may be subject to an automatic cancellation and the above policy will apply.


If The witches’ cookery must cancel a booked retreat date, you may transfer your full retreat payment to another retreat, or you may request a refund of your payment, constituting a full settlement.
The witches’ cookery is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip. Please purchase travel insurance for that reason.

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